Daifuku Report 2019

Cut in work hoursEliminate waste and standardizeEnhance added valueEnrich livesBoost profitability and growthOperational ReformsFoster a sense of fulfillmentEmployeesChange perceptionVisualize operations For our customers, we would like our systems to help solve their challenges and improve their corporate value, including resolving workforce shortages they confront and answering their smart logistics needs. Daifuku provides opportunities to its production personnel, who are seldom able to see firsthand how they are involved in Daifuku’s businesses, to go and see the systems used at customer sites and hear from users directly. By learning how our systems benefit the customers’ business and contribute to society, I believe they gain a sense of the value in their work. We will continue to build environments that motivate our employees. We are also “visualizing business operations” to create environments where employees will feel the extent of their contribution to business performance and the personal growth they are achieving. I believe that a change in mindset will see employees naturally improve their own productivity, which will also support our goal towards achieving work-life balance (see figure below). Daifuku sees safety as the greatest value for its employees and partners. “Safety first” means prioritizing safety over delivery time and cost, yet it can become the second or third priority when under pressure. However, safety should be above all—never to be compromised, no matter what. To internalize this “safety above all” culture, as part of concerted efforts to stamp out accidents, I personally head out to Daifuku workplaces to encourage safe work methods and processes. For our shareholders, we position the strengthening of our governance structure and shareholder return as our key issues alongside achieving sustainable corporate growth. With regard to shareholder return, we have increased dividends for six years in a row since fiscal 2013 and will continue to build an increasingly stable revenue base in the years ahead. Also, with the goal of achieving management characterized by a high level of fairness and transparency, we will go beyond timely disclosure rules and actively disclose information deemed useful for acquiring a better understanding of the Company. As a Value Innovator, Daifuku will continue supporting logistics value creation for customers in a diverse range of industries and business types while contributing to social progress. We look forward to your continued understanding and support in these endeavors.Company13Daifuku Report 2019

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