Daifuku Report 2019

Distribution center serving storesE-commerce distribution centerStoresConsumersConsumersDeliveryPhysical distribution process Logistics staff pick out items and assort them as ordered within distribution centers in place of consumers.B to C in physical and commercial distributionB to C in physical distributionB to C in commercial distributionB to B in physical distributionLogistics staffConsumption process Consumers go to stores and buy what they want.Daifuku growth enablersThe Daifuku strengths that boost customers’ competitive edgeDaifuku has been the material handling industry sales leader for five years running (according to the U.S. trade magazine Modern Materials Handling). Total sales among the journal’s 20 highest ranked companies have risen 34% over the past five years, indicating market growth. Now, with new players from emerging nations entering the market along with the established Western manufacturers, competition is intensifying.In-storeDistribution centerCash register11Daifuku Report 2019

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