Every business has its special needs, and we at Daifuku are eager to ensure that our clients take full advantage of Daifuku’s superior technology to maximize their business potential. Daifuku leads the material handling world in providing a full array of products designed to improve the performance of your business. What’s more, we will also work closely with you to find solutions to your company’s logistics needs by tailoring Daifuku’s fully-automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) to optimize flow, space utilization, systems integration, and ultimately, your bottom-line. Our customized AS/RS solutions include the world’s best-selling unit load AS/RS for pallet-size loads and the high-speed mini load AS/RS for smaller loads. Daifuku’s business solutions are based on top-of-the-line technology, the best global practices, benchmarked processes, and up-to-date WMS for optimal follow-through.

According to the Mordor Intelligence report, the value of the AS/RS market in 2017 was 12.41 billion USD and is expected nearly double by 2023. Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive responses we have earned through both the high quality of our products and our close attention to the business needs of our customer5s, Daifuku fully expects to continue leading the world in innovative material handling services.

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AS/RS Solutions

Unit Load AS/RS

Daifuku’s Unit Load AS/RS continues to hold its place as the world’s best-selling AS/RS thanks to its unique features, which include high-density pallet storage, the ability to reach a lift height of 40 meters, unprecedented versatility, and high operation speeds. We can also customize the Unit Load AS/RS to fit the specific installation environment and operating conditions of your plant or warehouse.

Daifuku’s Unit Load AS/RS has the following features and benefits: 

  1. Stacker cranes adaptable to different load profiles, dimensions, and weights and capable of quick and efficient load storage and retrieval automatically.
  2. Reliable, superior-quality drives enabling smooth, high-speed performance
  3. Network control software for real-time management of all components from stacker cranes to load-handling systems
  4. AS/RS operators capable of leveraging end-of-aisle controllers and managing loads so that workers don’t have to enter the aisles
  5. Simple, quick maintenance thanks to excellent accessibility of power supply and parts
  6. Less cycle time, less forklift traffic, fewer forklifts
  7. A smaller energy bill thanks to reduced energy needs

Mini Load AS/RS

The Mini Load AS/RS is specially designed for quick and efficient storage and retrieval of containers, trays, cases, and bins. The Mini Load AS/RS is user-friendly and easily integrated into existing material flow systems.

Daifuku’s Mini Load AS/RS has the following features and benefits: 

  1. High operating speed enabling timely inventory supply for high-volume order-picking or manufacturing
  2. Uses vertical spaces more efficiently than traditional selective rack systems
  3. Equipped with aluminum masts and urethane wheels to reduce noise
  4. Installable anywhere including inside high-rise buildings and areas adjoining offices
  5. AS/RS’s stacker crane eliminates search and retrieval times by delivering items directly to the operator.
  6. Ideal for sequencing items before sorting
  7. Lighter by 15% than previous models
  8. Uses a smaller motor and therefore less energy

The Daifuku AS/RS is bringing about a revolution in material handling by optimizing the rational use of storage and retrieval fields, thereby greatly reducing the burdens of cost, lag time, and maintenance. Daifuku is ready to solve the logistics issues of today’s plants and warehouses through its flexible, customizable technology.

We are proud to say that Daifuku technology now services numerous warehouses and material handling plants worldwide. In India we have successfully installed AS/RS in a range of industries, and are continuing to support customers with our tried-and-tested technology and services. Contact us today for a free consultation about Daifuku’s logistics solutions.

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