19 Jan, 2018

Dakfuku runs in IIT Bombay Half Marathon for team spirit and healthy life

India has become more fitness conscious and wakes up to enjoy running, and the entire Daifuku India team ran on 26th November to stay fit. The half marathon conducted by Fitizen India with IIT Bombay and Mood Indigo on November 26th, 2017 witnessed participation in encouraging numbers.

Daifuku team joined in the social awareness program through participation in the half marathon event. A total of nine team members from Daifuku participated in the running event.

“Daifuku is always committed to social causes. Contributing health-conscious messages through running events is bringing great impact among the public, and the intention behind entering into the event was promoting social awareness about maintaining healthy lifestyle”, said Mr. Asim Behera, COO, Daifuku India.

The Daifuku team which successfully completed the run received the finisher’s medal for completing the 5 KM marathon.