Evolving Our Material Handling Technologies to Value Creating Technologies

The demand for innovation based on the global markets is increasing as the globalization of the business environment moves forward. Based on its material handling technologies, Daifuku has pursued streamlined logistics in the manufacturing, distribution, and service industries and has grown into one of the world's leading material handling systems provider. Capitalizing on the wealth of technologies and knowledge accumulated through our global development, we aim to become a Value Innovator that provides customers with optimal and best solutions to enhance their competitive advantage. Daifuku continuously innovates to revolutionize tomorrow.

Always an Edge Ahead
  • Mission Statement & Policies

    Mission Statement & Policies

    Introduces Corporate Policies, Company Creed and Management Philosophy
  • Code of Conduct

    Group Code of Conduct

    Defines the basic behavior expected of all executives and employees of the Daifuku Group, to enable the Group to contribute to society (while taking into account its mission and role.
  • Corporate Brand

    Corporate Brand

    Introduces Daifuku's corporate brand over the years