3 Apr, 2017

British delivery service optimizes processes

Riverford picks DAIFUKU as automation partner

Japanese materials handling specialists DAIFUKU have been awarded a contract to supply a new automated picking system for home delivery organic produce merchandiser Riverford Organic Farmers Ltd.

As part of the project DAIFUKU will supply pick-by-light technology for ambient, chilled and meat products with a conveyor system to transport picked goods between the different zones. Intelligent software will look at the customer orders to be picked and determine how many boxes will be required to fulfil the order. The pick-by-light displays will help the pickers to select the required products quickly and efficiently from the pick face.

The investment will help Riverford to impove their operational efficiency, reduce packaging and maintain their position as a value add supplier of home delivery produce.

The project will be implemented by Daifuku’s specialist team and strategic partners with work on site planned to start early in 2017.