30 Mar, 2015

Optimised supply of goods to production and dispatch - DAIFUKU provides automation for Belimo’s intralogistics

Automated intralogistics, a smooth material flow and increased production output – this is how Belimo Automation AG benefits from developing its main site in Hinwil (CH) through the expansion of its logistics. The concept for the new pallet-based storage system, the automatic small parts storage system and the overall conveyor system are being provided by DAIFUKU. The result will be to considerably increase storage capacity at the site. The new material flow solution also optimises processes at goods inwards, at inbound and outbound of manufactured parts and the delivery to the customer. Capital investment in the project amounts to around eight million Euros. The new system will go live in Winter 2015.

Belimo Automation AG is a manufacturer of drive solutions for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Each year the company supplies more than five million drive systems and one million valves to its customers worldwide. Production, assembly and distribution are centralised at the corporate headquarters in the Swiss municipality of Hinwil. In order to increase logistics output, Belimo is now restructuring its intralogistics at Hinwil. This enables Belimo to regain valuable production space in the future. The concept, which focuses on this goal, was developed by an external logistics consultant and Belimo in collaboration with DAIFUKU. Alongside storage densification, it also plans to automate all intralogistic processes, thus perfectly reflecting Belimo's requirements. At the heart of the project lies the logistical optimisation and expansion of the site. The existing headquarters are to be extended by adding a two-storey building extension with a four-aisle high-bay warehouse and a six-aisle automatic small parts storage facility. With the construction of these two automated storage facilities, the storage of assembly parts and prefabricated components will be relocated to the new facilities. This will give Belimo sufficient capacity for stockpiling up to 5,150 pallets in its high-bay warehouse and 15,700 totes in its automatic small parts storage facility. The high-bay warehouse is also designed to accommodate half-pallets. The operations are realised by storage and retrieval machines from DAIFUKU. They enable up to 40 dual actions per aisle per hour and more than 130 tote movements per aisle per hour in the automatic small parts storage facility.

Tailored material flow

One of Belimo's central requirements for the new system is an efficient material flow for supplying materials for production, guaranteeing smooth supply to the customer. This is achieved by means of modern intralogistics with fully automated storage and conveying technology. The production and assembly areas, which are located across various levels, are linked to the high-bay warehouse, the small parts storage facility, the block storage area or the picking area for customer business by the time-saving use of pallet lifts. Another special feature of the DAIFUKU material flow concept: one robot for palletising and depalletising. The robot takes goods coming from the high-bay warehouse and stacks them onto half-pallets, which are then moved to production and distribution by a conveyor system. In addition, it serves as an interface between pallet storage and the small parts storage facility and regulates the replenishment of the small parts store.