7 Apr, 2011

Press Contact:
Daifuku Co., Ltd.
Jervis B. Webb Company

Daifuku Group Completes Logan Teleflex Acquisition

The Daifuku Group is pleased to announce that it completed the purchase of all shares of Logan Teleflex (UK) Ltd. (headquartered in the United Kingdom), Logan Teleflex (France) S.A. (headquartered in France) and Logan Teleflex, Inc. (headquartered in the U.S.A.) on April 1, 2011. The three companies ("Logan"), which provide airport baggage handling systems and services, are now wholly owned subsidiaries within the Group.

In April 2010, Daifuku Co., Ltd. ("Daifuku") announced a three-year business plan called "Material Handling and Beyond," where it expressed a commitment to position the airport baggage handling business as one of its core businesses by advancing into growth markets outside North America such as China, India, and the Middle East; by upgrading a selection of products for new markets; and by developing a global framework for sales and production to meet demand worldwide. Jervis B. Webb Company ("Webb"), a U.S.-based wholly owned subsidiary of Daifuku, provides airport baggage handling systems, centering on conveyor systems, primarily in North America.

Logan provides advanced specialized products such as tilt tray sorters and the Intelligent Destination Coded Vehicle (IDCV) and has more than 400 installations in 80 countries around the globe, mainly in Europe. Logan's tilt tray sorters are utilized for connecting flight baggage sortation at hub airports, which are essential to bolster the baggage handling business and develop new markets in emerging countries. In addition, Logan has a joint venture in China, which has won orders for large-scale projects. As a consequence, the Group expects to increase its business in the Chinese market.

Daifuku acquired 100% of shares of Logan Teleflex (UK) Ltd. and Logan Teleflex (France) S.A. respectively and Webb acquired 100% of shares of Logan Teleflex, Inc. Taking advantage of sharing products and sales areas, the Group will accelerate the growth of its airport baggage handling business at global level.