11 Oct, 2002

Press Contact:
Thomas Balluff

Daifuku Europe To Supply New Automated Distribution Center For Netto A/S Denmark

Daifuku AS/RS And WMS Selected For the New Facility

Daifuku Europe Limited is currently constructing a new automated distribution center for Netto A/S near Copenhagen. The new facility, scheduled for completion in September 2003, will distribute product to all Netto shops in Denmark. Netto's supermarket chain comprises more than 700 stores in Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland and Sweden.

Netto have been expanding their business steadily over the last few years and had reached a point where the existing distribution infrastructure had reached its maximum capacity. In order to achieve future expansion plans and to increase the efficiency of the existing operation Netto decided to invest in a new distribution center to be located on the outskirts of Copenhagen, as a first phase in the modernization of their European supply chain.

After a long and thorough period of analysis, Daifuku Europe was appointed to supply the new Netto distribution center for Denmark. The Daifuku system comprises 32 automatic stacker cranes, two tilt tray sorters, three automatic layer depalletisers, 40 STV's and a Warehouse Management System.

Key to the design of the new facility is the Daifuku STV (Sortation Transfer Vehicle) system that provides high speed pallet sortation. The Netto solution makes use of two STV systems, one to deliver pallets to the layer depalletisers / manual pick stations on the top floor, and a second to deliver a mix of full 1/2 pallets and picked pallets to the dispatch area on the ground floor.

During the design process a simulation model was used to confirm the system capacity, using data from Netto's host computer. This ensured that the system could cope with the peak throughput requirement and the distribution of product across the order profile. As a result of the simulation enhancements to the system were made to increase efficiency.

The Daifuku STV is capable of sorting and distributing up to 1,000 load an hour on a single level and provides a cost effective alternative solution to conveyor. Standard models are available for 100Kg, 1000Kg, 2,000Kg and 3,000Kg.