Apr 22, 2016

Notice Concerning the Impact of the Kumamoto Earthquakes

First and foremost, Daifuku Co., Ltd. offers its deepest sympathy for those affected by the Kumamoto Earthquakes and condolences to those who have lost loved ones

Daifuku would like to report on the impact of the Kumamoto Earthquakes on its businesses, as of April 21:

  1. Regarding staff wellness and building damages
    There are no injuries to Daifuku staff members resulting from the earthquakes.
    There also has been no major damage to our offices in Kumamoto and the surrounding Kyushu areas, and we have resumed business.
  2. Regarding impact on business performance
    There is no major impact on our business performance resulting from the earthquakes.

Daifuku will continue to provide updates in a timely manner if any major events occur.