Sep 28, 2011

Daifuku Develops Fast and Gentle Baggage Handling System

September 27, 2011

Daifuku Co., Ltd. (Daifuku) is pleased to announce it has developed a new baggage handling system for airports called Baggage Tray System or BTSTM, which it will begin selling in October 2011.

The BTS provides efficient and secure transportation and sortation of passenger bags from check-in counters to baggage make-up areas. Unlike conventional systems where bags are placed directly on conveyor belts, Daifuku’s new system provides precise handling and tracking by transporting bags on individual trays.

BTS also boasts one of the world’s fastest conveyor speeds at 600 meters per minute. The modular and reliable baggage handling system will improve efficiency at busy airports worldwide.

In addition, Daifuku offers an integrated baggage handling system that combines its new BTS and tilt tray sorters with its industry-leading, high-density automated storage systems. The integrated system provides secure baggage staging for passengers who check in early or have extended layovers at airports.

In December 2007, the Daifuku Group acquired US-based Jervis B. Webb Company (Webb), which provides airport baggage handling systems primarily in North America. In April 2010, Daifuku announced a three-year business plan called “Material Handling and Beyond,” where it expressed a commitment to position airport baggage handling as one of its core businesses. In April 2011, the Group acquired Logan Teleflex (Logan), which provides airport baggage handling systems and services mainly in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. China, in particular, is a growing market with more than 100 airport projects expected in the near future, and Logan’s joint venture with a local Chinese company has already resulted in several large orders.

Webb specializes in engineering and manufacturing belt conveyor baggage handling systems and inline baggage screening systems that are used in North American airports. Meanwhile, Logan has provided baggage handling systems featuring tilt tray sorters, destination coded vehicles (DCVs) and conveyors around the globe. Building on the strengths of Webb and Logan’s technologies, the Daifuku Group developed the innovative Baggage Tray System.

The Group plans to increase its consolidated sales to approximately 20 billion yen for the airport baggage handling system business by the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013.

Logan will participate in the Inter Airport Europe 2011 trade fair held in Munich, Germany, from October 11 to 14, 2011.

BTS Features

  1. The system runs at maximum 600 meters per minute, which is ideally suited for inter-terminal or concourse baggage transport at large airports.
  2. By placing the wide variety of baggage styles on individual trays, BTS is able to provide stable transport, staging and sortation.
  3. The system ensures the effective reading of BTS tray ID tags to minimize lost baggage and manual handling.
  4. Complete baggage systems can be built by integrating a variety of standard BTS modules, including straight and curved sections, diverters, merges, vertical sortation units, inductions and discharge stations.
  5. Every BTS module has a simple structure with reliable components that are designed to be easily installed and maintained.

BTS Specifications

  • Tray size: 850 mm in width x 1,200 mm in length
  • Allowable baggage size: 750 mm in width x 1,000 mm in length x 650 mm in height
  • Allowable baggage weight: Maximum 50 kg/piece
  • Conveyor speed: 45 - 600 m/min
  • Baggage Tray System: Straight conveyors

    Baggage Tray System: Straight conveyors

  • Baggage Tray System: Vertical sortation unit

    Baggage Tray System: Vertical sortation unit


  • Webb's baggage handling conveyors

    Webb's baggage handling conveyors

  • Logan's tilt tray sorters

    Logan's tilt tray sorters