Feb 22, 2011

Daifuku Establishes New U.S. Holding Company

February 22, 2011

Daifuku Co., Ltd. ("Daifuku") is pleased to announce that it has formed Daifuku Webb Holding Company to oversee its U.S. affiliates, Daifuku America Corporation and Jervis B. Webb Company. The new holding company began operating on January, 1, 2011.

Daifuku America was founded in 1983 when leading Japanese automakers entered the U.S. market and now provides material handling systems for automotive factories, as well as other manufacturers, distributors, and cleanroom factory operations in North America.

Jervis B. Webb ("Webb"), founded in 1919, has been recognized as global trailblazing force in the area of material handling systems. Webb's chain conveyor system, first utilized by Ford Motor Company, played an important role in establishing the Ford system, which revolutionized industrial manufacturing. In addition to automobile production line systems and material handling equipment, Webb also provides baggage handling systems for airports. After a 40-year partnership from 1957 to 1997, Daifuku acquired all shares of Webb in 2007 to expand its global operations. The two entities have already collaborated on several installations including Daifuku’s automated warehouse and Webb's automatic guided vehicles.

The new U.S. holding company will improve coordination efforts among Daifuku's North American businesses. By increasing the exchange of ideas, products and resources, it will achieve greater success and better service to customers.

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Profile of Daifuku Webb Holding Company

Head office:
Farmington Hills, Michigan, U.S.A.

Masaki Hojo, chairman and co-CEO
Brian Stewart, president and co-CEO (in addition to serving as president of Jervis B. Webb)

Paid-in capital:
US$1,000, with Daifuku Co., Ltd. the sole shareholder

909 total of Daifuku Webb Holding Company Group,
including 256 in Daifuku America and 654 in Jervis B. Webb,
as of November 30, 2010