Establishes Daifuku Unix Corporation, a New Sales Company for Car Wash Machines

Integrated Daifuku Magic Technology and Daifuku Unix to establish a 100% owned subsidiary.

Delivers Agribusiness Systems to Customers such as Japan Agricultural Cooperative Shinshu Ueda (Nagano, Japan)

Establishes a New Three-Year Business Plan, Launches eFA Operations

Established a corporate management plan entitled Daifuku Challenging Information Technology and Logistics Revolutions.

Established eFA operations

Established eFA operations to effectively expand IT related business for the semiconductor and LCD industries


Receives the First Order for a 300-mm Wafer Transport System from South Korea

Delivers Sytems to a Large Scale Distribution Center in Denmark

Received a system order from Danish supermarket chain Netto A/S. Daifuku acted as system integrator collaborating with a leading local manufacturer.

Opens Demo and Training Center in Utah, U.S.A.

Built an assembly plant for our subsidiary Clean Factomation, Inc. in Cheonan City, South Korea

Releases the First Self-Serve Drive-Thru Car Wash Machine Waxmor Twinthru


Receives Order for 5G LCD Transport System and Establishes the First Chinese Subsidiary

Received an order for a 5th generation LCD panel transport and storage system, which was the first for substrate glass of large screen TVs, from a South Korean manufacturer. Orders for LCD panel transport and storage system increased in Taiwan.

Establishes Our First Global Subsidiary in China - Daifuku (Shanghai) Ltd.

Delivers Japan's Largest Scale Automated Book Transport System

Delivered an automated system to store and retrieve 1.4 million books for Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library in Kansai Science City.

Automated book input/output system for National Diet Library

Automated book input/output system for National Diet Library

Publishes the Environmental Report


Establishes a Global Subsidiary for the Automotive Industry in Tianjin, China

Established Daifuku Automation (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. for sales, installation and services in the northern China.

Established a Car Wash Machine Sales Subsidiary in Seoul, South Korea, Called Daifuku Carwash-Machine Korea Inc.

Establishes a Company for Sports and Leisure Related Equipment

Established a sales subsidiary called Daifuku Qubica Ltd. for bowling equipment to handle sales, installation and services of products such as scoring systems.

Automatic scoring system

Automatic scoring system

Establishes a New Three-Year Business Plan

Announced a plan entitled Create & Challenge for the 70th Anniversary to facilitate new business and to continue planning for the company's 70th anniversary in May 2007.

Launches On-Call Support at Shiga Works

Opened a 24-hour System Support Center at Shiga Works to handle customer questions.

System Support Center

System Support Center


Formulates Corporate Code of Conduct

Established Corporate Code of Conduct to maintain positive community relations.

Obtains ISO 14001 Certification for the Headquarters, Tokyo Head Office and Tokai Branch Office

Establishes the Compliance Committee and Introduced an "S.Q.D. Award" (Supplier Quality Development Award) for Superior Suppliers

Establishes a New Company

Purchased the logistics system division of Kito Corporation, a manufacturer of hoists cranes and chain blocks, establishing Daifuku Logistic Technology Co., Ltd.

Established Contec EMS Co., Ltd., Thus Centralizing Daifuku's Electronics Manufacturing Functions

Develops E-DIP, an Eco-Friendly Automobile Paint System

Developed a new automobile paint system, the E-DIP, replacing the conventional conveyor system.

The E-DIP, jointly developed with Taikisha Ltd.

The E-DIP, jointly developed with Taikisha Ltd.

Develops a Super-Fast Mini Load AS/RS with the World's Fastest Speed of 500 m/min.

Introduced the mini load AS/RS running at a speed of 500 meters per minute at the LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2004 tradeshow

Launches DREMOS, Offering Remote Monitoring Service

Launched the DREMOS (Daifuku Remote Monitoring Service), offering a 24 hour-365 day remote monitoring service for our customer's equipment, the first of its kind in the industry.

Establishes Daifuku Automation (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Established a global subsidiary for sales and services of automobile production line systems in southern China.

Received an Award from the South Korean President

Received an award from the South Korean President for investment activities with Korean subsidiaries ATS Co., Ltd. and Clean Factomation, Inc.


Establishes Production Bases and Enhances Functions in Asia

The South Korean Clean Factomation's Asan Plant opened after moving from Cheonan City. Daifuku Thailand's Chonburi Plant expanded. Established the first production subsidiary in China, Jiangsu Daifuku Rixin Automation Co., Ltd.

Establishes Daifuku India Private Limited in India

Established Daifuku India Private Limited in Delhi to address the country's demands of the booming automobile industry.

Expands Business in Northern and Eastern Europe

Delivered an automobile production line systems to the body, paint, and assembly shops of a Czech Republic joint venture automotive company called Toyota Peugeot Citroen Automobile Czech, s.r.o. Received an order for a distribution center, the company's largest outside of Japan, from supermarket chain ICA Sverige AB of Sweden.

Installs an Automated Transport System for Book Return in the Okegawa SCM Center Owned by Publisher Tohan Co., Ltd.

Visitors to Hini Arata Kan Exceed 200,000

Hini Arata Kan, which opened its door on June 1, 1994, welcomed the 200,000th visitor on August 3, 2005.

Hini Arata Kan welcomed the 200,000th visitor in August 2005

Hini Arata Kan welcomed the 200,000th visitor in August 2005


Production Line Systems in Taiwan

Production subsidiary Taiwan Daifuku Co., Ltd. commenced operations for development, design, manufacturing, assembly, and installation of systems for flat-panel display (FPD) and semiconductor production lines in Tainan County, Taiwan. In Taipei, Daifuku subsidiary Contec Co., Ltd., established Taiwan Contec Co., Ltd. for development, manufacturing, and parts procurement for industrial computers.

In May 2006, opening ceremony of Taiwan Daifuku

In May 2006, opening ceremony of Taiwan Daifuku

Shiga Works Becomes World's Largest Logistics Production Site

Relocated some manufacturing functions of Komaki Works to Shiga Works. With the completion of Factory buildings K and L, Shiga Works became the world's largest logistics production site featuring 11 factories. Shiga Works became Daifuku's main factory

Shiga Works in the 1970s

Shiga Works in the 1970s

Shiga Works' new factory buildings K and L

Shiga Works' new factory buildings K and L

Moves Towards Revival and Re-Expansion of Bowling Machine Business

Joined forces with bowling alley equipment manufacturer QubicaAMF Worldwide S.a.r.L. to become an exclusive distributor in Japan. Acquired 75% of QubicaAMF Worldwide LLC and created Daifuku QubicaAMF Co., Ltd. to supply bowling machines in Japan. Daifuku Qubica Ltd. changed company name to Daifuku Bowl-Mor Ltd. and began focusing on maintenance services for existing customers.


Contec Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Contec Co., Ltd., Daifuku's first subsidiary, listed stocks on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Launches Three-Year Business Plan Jump Up for 2010

Set target of achieving an operating income ratio of at least 10% and a non-Japan sales ratio of over 50% in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2010 while aiming for sustainable growth.

Creates DAIFUKU Logo Lapel Pin

Standardized the corporate lapel pin for the 70th anniversary. Donated vehicles with Daifuku's wheelchair lifts to caretaking facilities near Shiga Works. Established a new corporate slogan Material Handling and Beyond.

New corporate lapel pin

New corporate lapel pin

Corporate slogan

Corporate slogan

Corporate Bond Rating Upgraded

Regained A minus (A-) rating for corporate bond for the first time in a decade from “BBB+,” which was a result of evaluation for our financial base and sustainability improvement.

Releases Eco-Friendly Car Wash Waxmor Abient

Replaced traditional cleaning oil with shampoo and wax made from eco-friendly palm, plus the machine uses half as much water as a conventional car wash machines.

Jervis B. Webb Becomes Part of the Daifuku Family

After a 40-year partnership, Daifuku acquired all shares of the leading American company, a long-term pioneer in the field of material handling systems and equipment, to revitalize global operations and enter airport baggage transport system businesses.

Once again, strong ties between Webb & Daifuku

Once again, strong ties between Webb & Daifuku


Two Taiwanese Subsidiaries Integrated Under One Name

Integrated two affiliates in Taiwan as Taiwan Daifuku took over all existing business operations.

Osaka Machinery Works Joins Daifuku Group

Acquired 68.7% of Osaka Machinery Works shares making it the newest Japanese subsidiary of Daifuku. Osaka Machinery Works has been a strong partner for years for automobile production line systems.

Integrates Two Bowling Affiliates

Merged Daifuku QubicaAMF Co., Ltd. and Daifuku Bowl-Mor Ltd. Daifuku QubicaAMF will manage operations.

Develops the DUOSYS Superfast Mini Load AS/RS

Branded as DUOSYS, the new system incorporates enhanced tuning control and lightweight materials. DUOSYS has four S/R machines operating on the same rack but arranged in two tiers. Machines in the same tier are able to move past each other without interference. DUOSYS has a maximum storage/retrieval throughput of up to 2,200 cases per hour.

DUOSYS in the limelight at the LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2008 fair

DUOSYS in the limelight at the LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2008 fair

Completes DRE Komaki Center

The former site of the Komaki Works factory was re-established as a distribution complex under the name of DRE (Daifuku Real Estate) Komaki Center. The site now houses an office building and two distribution centers.

DRE Komaki Center

DRE Komaki Center


First-Ever Joint Exhibition with Webb at ProMat

Daifuku America exhibited jointly with Jervis B. Webb at ProMat 2009, America's largest material handling trade show. At the show Daifuku's unit load AS/RS transferred loads to Webb's SmartLoader and SmartCart vehicles to demonstrate the synergies of the two entities.

Exhibition booth under the Daifuku Webb joint brand

Exhibition booth under the Daifuku Webb joint brand

Obtains OHSAS 18001 Certification

Obtained OHSAS 18001 certification for occupational safety and health management at four sites in Japan: Osaka Headquarters, Tokyo Head Office, Shiga Works and Komaki Works.

Three Subsidiaries Merge to Become Daifuku Korea

Three affiliates operating in South Korea, ATS Co., Ltd., MIMATS Co., Ltd. and Daifuku Carwash-Machine Korea Inc., merged together and made a fresh start as Daifuku Korea Co., Ltd.

Inaugural Hini Arata Kan Tour Held for Shareholders

Since the general public seldom gets an opportunity to see material handling systems, Daifuku conducted tours at Hini Arata Kan expo center to introduce Daifuku products to approximately 100 guests.

Daifuku Plusmore Begins Operations

Integrated three affiliates - Daifuku QubicaAMF Co., Ltd., Daifuku Unix Corporation and Kyushu Daifuku Corporation - with the material handling equipment rental operations of Daifuku Business Service Corporation. The newly formed Daifuku Plusmore Co., Ltd., handles consumer products.

Expansion of the Service Business

Acquired the material handling systems service business and assets related to it from Komatsu Utility Co., Ltd. and Komatsu Forklift ILD Co., Ltd., a member of the Komatsu Utility Group.

Daifuku Thailand Completes Another Plant in Pinthong

Opened a new plant in Thailand, which serves as a key production facility in the Asian-Pacific region along with the existing Chonburi Plant, to strengthen the company's global production network.