CSR Philosophy

Daifuku has formulated its mid- to long-term policy, Daifuku's CSR, and concrete measures in its CSR Action Plan. Having clearly laid out a vision we are further promoting CSR activities and aim to comply with social demand for disclosure of non-financial information in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) international guidelines.

Daifuku's CSR

The Daifuku Group believes that the basic principles of CSR are to build a symbiotic relationship with its stakeholders and to practice the Group's Corporate Policies Structure throught its corporate activities.

CSR Action Plan

The Daifuku Group formulated the CSR Action Plan in 2014, as a medium-term plan that sets up targets according to the six initiatives and clarifies the actual content of the initiatives. On this occasion, we are making revisions to deepen the CSR initiatives to coincide with the start of Value Innovation 2020, the new medium-term business plan.