Solutions by Industry / Function

One of the world's leading providers of material handling systems, Daifuku aims to rationalize logistics in the production, distribution, service, and other sectors and tailors its solutions to specific customer needs.

Solutions by Industry

  • Manufacturing


    From consumer goods to production goods, Daifuku helps its customers in all manufacturing sectors move items efficiently.

  • Distribution


    Daifuku enhances logistical service and quality for distributors working to meet manufacturers' needs.

  • Cleanroom


    Daifuku helps the world's premier semiconductor and liquid crystal panel manufacturers rationalize their production efforts.

  • Automotive


    Daifuku supports cutting-edge technologies in the global automotive production field.

  • Airport


    Serving airports around the world, Daifuku provides fast, safe baggage transport systems.

  • Public and Other Sectors

    Public and Other Sectors

    Daifuku's material handling solutions play key roles at hospitals, libraries, and many other facilities that move items from location to location.

Solutions by Function

  • Storage Systems

    Storage Systems

    Daifuku offers an extensive lineup of automatic warehouses and other storage systems.

  • Conveyor Systems

    Conveyor Systems

    Daifuku offers a wide variety of transport systems that help reduce labor needs at production and distribution facilities.

  • Sorting and Picking Systems

    Sorting and Picking Systems

    Daifuku proposes the optimal systems for different load profiles and shipping frequencies.

  • IT System

    IT System

    Using WMS and other ICT resources, Daifuku builds accurate inventory management systems and work support systems.