Basic Procurement Policy

In accordance with our management policy and corporate code of conduct, we conduct business with our partners under the following basic procurement policy:

  • 1. Fairness, Impartiality
  • (1) We will open the door wide, both in Japan and overseas, and provide opportunities for free competition.
  • (2) We will select our business partners through the comprehensive evaluation of quality, technology development capabilities, economy and stable supply, as well as business conditions, etc.
  • (3) We will establish a relationship of mutual trust with all our business partners and endeavor to conduct fair, impartial and transparent transactions.
  • 2. Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery
  • (1) We will pursue the creation of a safe and healthy working environment.
  • (2) We will pursue the optimization of procurement through the maintenance, improvement and enhancement of Q (quality), C (cost) and D (delivery).
  • 3. CSR Procurement
  • (1) We will conduct CSR activities to fulfill our social responsibility in terms of compliance, human rights, labor, environmental preservation, regional contribution and so on.

  • We have formulated the CSR Procurement Standards and will promote CSR activities with all business partners.

    *CSR Procurement - the activities carried out by an enterprise in the entire supply chain in the procurement of products and materials in cooperation with suppliers through the addition of CSR elements such as compliance, human rights, labor, environmental preservation and regional contribution to existing elements such as safety, quality, performance, price and delivery period.

    CSR Procurement Standards

    • 1. Safety
    • (1) To prevent labor accidents, etc., we will endeavor to secure the safety of employees, etc. by taking appropriate safety measures.
    • (2) We will grasp the state of labor accidents and work-related illness and take appropriate measures for the prevention of recurrence.
    • (3) We will work on the creation of a safe and healthy working environment by placing top priority on ensuring safety and health at work.
    • 2. Quality, Cost, Delivery
    • (1) We will endeavor to maintain, improve and enhance quality, costs and delivery.
    • (2) We will secure appropriate quality and delivery and pursue optimal costs.
    • (3) We will endeavor to establish a production system that can provide stable supply and a crisis management system for incidents such as accidents.
    • 3. Compliance
    • (1) We will faithfully perform work according to laws and regulations, social norms and corporate ethics relating to all countries and regions in Japan and overseas.
    • (2) We will properly manage confidential information and personal information and thoroughly ensure information security.
    • (3) We will not provide benefits or facilities, including the grant and receipt of improper benefits and the demand for returns related to work.
    • (4) We will not have any relationships with antisocial forces, including transactions, by taking a resolute attitude against them, and will conduct fair business.
    • 4. Human Rights, Labor
    • (1) We will understand the cultures and customs of countries and regions and work on the creation of a company where the human rights of all people are respected.
    • (2) We will eliminate child labor, a poor environment, forced labor and working for long hours, and will work on the creation of a positive environment that is suitable for work.
    • (3) We will endeavor to develop human resources with the knowledge, technologies and skills necessary to support business activities in Japan and overseas.
    • 5. Environmental Preservation and Regional Contribution
    • (1) We will promote environmentally friendly procurement. *The Green Procurement Guidelines (formulated in November 2005) shall apply to procurement in Japan.
    • (2) We will conduct energy saving activities such as resource conservation and waste reduction.
    • (3) We will live in harmony with the communities and society where we conduct business activities.
    • (4) We will endeavor to participate actively in social support activities.

    • Green Procurement

      Daifuku believes that the manufacturing of environmentally friendly products is a mission it must achieve as a global company. Under the motto, "We will not buy, use, or sell any hazardous materials," we formulated our "Green Procurement Guidelines" in November 2005.
      In April 2012, we issued the Green Procurement Guidelines



      Total number of employees by region (as of the end of March 2014)


      Daifuku promotes efforts to help employees improve the quality of their work and private life, ensure the safety of employees, and create a comfortable and sanitary work environment.


      Safety Training Worldwide

      Safety Training Worldwide

      Daifuku implements training on safety management, methods, risk assessment, work safety standards, and so forth, for supervisors in construction departments at Group companies, in the same manner as the training implemented in Japan, to improve the level of safety management.

      On-site Safety Patrol

      On-site Safety Patrol

      Safety staff in each department and partner companies, through safety cooperation associations, conduct daily safety patrols. In addition, executives conduct worksite safety patrols to ensure staff safety and gives constant guidance against unsafe behavior and unsafe conditions.


      Green Factory Award

      Green Factory Award

      In 2014, the Shiga Works received an award for our outstanding greening performance from Japan Greenery Research and Development Center. This award is given to the facilities that proactively promote greening and greatly contribute to improvement of living environments in the surrounding area.