Corporate Governance

Daifuku, in accordance to its corporate policy to "contribute to the global markets and the development of society" and "focus on healthy, growth-driven global management," is committed to achieve improvements in its corporate governance to establish a firm corporate structure.

As one of these initiatives, Daifuku has elected two independent outside directors and established the Advisory Committee to advise the Board of Directors concerning important matters on nominations and remunerations of members of management team. One of the outside directors serves as the chair of the Committee.

Corporate Governance

Internal Control System

The Internal Audit Department supports the building of internal control systems, mainly for ensuring reliable financial reporting, by assessing risks in various business activities. In addition, internal inspectors, who are appointed from non-internal Audit departments, conduct Plan-Do-Check-Act cycles by evaluating internal control developments and operational effectiveness.


Daifuku has established a Compliance Committee chaired by the president to ensure that legal compliance, fairness and ethics guide the Company.

As part of its efforts, Daifuku holds training sessions companywide to raise awareness of compliance in all of its employees. In addition, as a countermeasure against the global risk of violating laws, we have established basic company rules and subsidiary rules detailing various measures and procedures to comply with competition and bribery laws. We have also distributed a message from the president conveying the importance of compliance to all employees.

Additionally, to field questions and concerns about compliance received from employees and others outside the Daifuku Group, we provide a hotline to consult with the Legal Department and to report to a lawyer. In addition, we have introduced a hotline for non-Japanese employees as well.

Information security

Daifuku handles important and personal information regularly as it conducts business. Our Information Security Committee prevents information from leaking or being used for purposes other than what was intended. The Committee will strongly promote efforts to establish information security worthy of a global company by evaluating and implementing appropriate measures against internal IT risk factors.

Activity guidelines

  1. Contribute to business by considering security that fits the age of IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine).
  2. Always take global deployment into consideration when promoting information security measures.
  3. Set tasks that are based on risk factors and establish quantitative and objective performance evaluations.

Compliance with Corruption and Competition Laws

Compliance and ethics training

A message was sent by the President to all employees to have them understand the importance of compliance. Furthermore, education through in-house newsletters and various training courses and group training sessions are being conducted continuously worldwide the areas of compliance with competition laws and prevention of bribery, the importance of which is increasing on a global level.

In addition to providing lectures regarding compliance of laws concerning sub-contracting and security export control legislation, courses will be given on respect for human rights and work ethics during various training opportunities, such as for new recruits or newly promoted managers, to establish and increase compliance consciousness.

Examples of training courses given:

  • Training according to level
  • Training for employees assigned outside of Japan
  • Training for directors
  • Information sessions concerning compliance with competition and bribery laws

Business Continuity Management

Risk Assessment

Daifuku considers risk management to be a matter of great importance and has organized a risk management promotion structure under the supervision of the Chief Risk Officer (CRO), consisting of responsible persons from each business unit, to conduct global risk management activities.The specialized team regularly visits each site to conduct risk assessments in order to reduce management-related risks and to enhance the risk management structure. Furthermore, as a provider of logistics infrastructure, Daifuku carries an important social responsibility for the early recovery and continuity of our customer's business operations after disasters. In addition to the business continuity of Daifuku, we will strive to promote BCM from the standpoint of our customer's business continuity.

Safety Confirmation Training

A safety confirmation system was introduced throughout Daifuku in 2012 to establish a communication structure in the event of an emergency.

A safety confirmation drill is conducted for all employees every three months to prepare ourselves for a swift and secure confirmation of safety reporting under emergency conditions, as well as to raise the risk management consciousness of our employees.