Environmental Vision 2020

We strive to be environmentally aware in every business activity, including consistently developing and providing material handling systems with low environmental impact.

Priority Measures for Achieving the Vision

1. Promote environmentally friendly activities in business operations

  • Reducing CO2 emissions from our business activities
  • Taking steps to save energy and resources, introduce renewable energy, preserve biodiversity, reduce the environmental impact, and harmonize with communities

2. Increase the number of environmentally friendly products and services

  • Developing and supplying environmentally friendly products and services that comply with our environmental standards
  • Helping our customers reduce CO2 emissions through our environmentally friendly products and services

3. Enhance the foundations for environmental management

  • Expanding environmental education and training to increase awareness across the Daifuku Group
  • Building a global management framework for the Group's environmental contribution

Targets for 2020 and Action Plan

Environmental Vision 2020

Eco-Friendly Products

Daifuku Eco-Products Certification Program

In November 2012, we began an in-house program to rate and certify the energy and environmental design of our own products.

This program is in line with Daifuku's Environmental Vision 2020 , which states as a goal for the year 2020, "Developing and supplying environmentally friendly products and services that comply with our environmental standards." We rate every product manufactured within the Daifuku Group in terms of: energy saving, recyclable, lightweight, long life, resource saving, water saving, low noise, clean water preservation, and harmful substance reduced. Products that meet a certain standard are certified as a Daifuku Eco-Product.

Certification Process

To obtain a valid and trustworthy rating from multiple perspectives, the screenings are done by the Eco-Product Committee, comprised of directors or chief operating officers from different operations.

Eco-Management Structure

Environmental Award System

Environmental Award System

In 2014, Daifuku began the annual Environmental Activities Award to motivate environmental self-initiatives in the community and workplaces.
The employees of Daifuku (Suzhou) Cleanroom Automation Co., Ltd. received the award in the first year. Employees raised their environmental awareness by cultivating a vegetable garden in the corner of the factory grounds and improving separation of waste. Moreover, environmental awareness has spread to suppliers.