Daifuku Eco-Action Program

Eco-Action Program

In 2012, Daifuku set up its Eco-Action program, which rewards Eco-points for environmental activities undertaken by employees, in a bid to foster an environmental mindset and provided a variety of ecological activities in each region. A total of 2,945 employees participated in volunteer activities and environmental learning in fiscal 2015.
Eco-points gained by the employees can be exchanged with eco-friendly goods and other rewards. In addition, an amount equivalent to the total points gained by the employees is donated to external organizations.

  • Eco-Action Program
  • Eco-Action Program
  • Eco-Action Program

Change in number of participants

Total number of participants
Fiscal year 2013 2014 2015
Total number of participants 1,604 2,566 2,945
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In July 2016, we made the following donation as a part of our Eco-Action Program, an environmental initiative in which our employees took part.

Donation target
Donation target Amount Content
Shiga Prefectural Lake Biwa Museum
480,000 yen
(Previous year: 660,000 yen)
Supporting Renewal of the Museum on its 20th Anniversary
Hini Arata Kan carbon offset
410,000 yen
(Previous year: 410,000 yen)
Offset of CO2 emissions from operations and Hini Arata Kan courtesy shuttle bus service
Japan Committee for United Nations Decade on Biodiversity
1 million yen
(Previous year: 500,000 yen)
Reprinting on original clear plastic files and PR initiatives to raise public awareness of biodiversity preservation
Ise-Shima Summit Carbon Offset
 50,000 yen Offset of CO2 emissions from the Ise-Shima Summit

Environmental Award System

Environmental Award System

We established an Environmental Award System in 2014 to recognize the environmental initiatives of individual employees and internal company groups, which serve as driving force of our environmental management efforts. In fiscal 2015, the individual award was presented to an employee who had been engaged in external forest preservation initiatives. The group award was presented to a workgroup that succeeded in increasing recycling in addition to reducing costs by introducing a plastic substitute for the wood used for packing panels in product shipments.

Eco-leader Development Company Award

Environmental Award System

The commendation ceremony of the Eco-leader Development Company Award 2015, sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment and the Environmental Consortium for Leadership Development, was held at the Ministry of the Environment on May 30, 2016. Daifuku was honored with the Incentive Award. This award is intended to recognize companies engaged in advanced initiatives related to eco-leader development. Through the Daifuku Eco-Action System, the company donates to initiatives that raise employee awareness and interest in the environment. This system was highly evaluated for its unique approach in supporting local environmental groups.

External Evaluations

DBJ Environmental Rating

Daifuku became the first material handling manufacturer to receive a loan from the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) based on environmental ratings.
This rating system is the world's first to apply environmental management ratings, based on DBJ's own three-rank rating system, as a condition for loans.
Daifuku received the highest ranking from the DBJ due in part to positive evaluations of its in-house environmental product standards, reduction of CO2 throughout society through the products, reduction of CO2 emissions at production facilities, and biodiversity conservation at the Shiga Works.
Daifuku received a rating from the DBJ for the second time following the disaster preparedness rating in March 2012.

Green Factory Award

The Shiga Works received the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Kansai Bureau Chief Award for our outstanding greening performance in 2014.
This award is given to the facilities that proactively promote greening and greatly contribute to improvement of living environments in the surrounding area. With greenery covering about 40% of the grounds at the Shiga Works, we were highly rated for our efforts to maintain biodiversity, conserve the environment, and enhance the environmental awareness of our employees.

Environmental Management

Kansai Eco-Office Award

In March 2014, the Shiga Works received the Eco-Office Award from the Union of Kansai Governments. We were highly rated for promoting energy saving activities; establishing original activities, such as the Daifuku Eco-Action program, which awards points for environmental activities undertaken by employees; setting up the visitors' stage of the Daifuku Shiga Mega Solar facility; composting kitchen waste generated in our cafeterias; turning used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel; and using the fuel in our shuttle buses.

Environmental Conservation Association of Shiga Prefecture Director's Award

In May 2014, Daifuku received the Environmental Management Award from the Environmental Conservation Association of Shiga Prefecture. We were highly rated for the Daifuku Eco-Action environmental awareness program, the Daifuku Shiga Mega Solar facility, the Daifuku Eco-Products Certification program, efforts in recycling waste and conserving energy, and other activities to minimize environmental impact.