Basic Procurement Policy

In accordance with our management policy and corporate code of conduct, we conduct business with our partners under the following basic procurement policy:

  1. Coexistence and co-prosperity
    We will establish a stable business relationship based on the spirit of coexistence and co-prosperity.
  2. S (safety), Q (quality), C (cost), D (delivery), E (environment)
    We will select our business partners while aiming at improving S.Q.C.D.E. We will collaborate with business partners to maintain the global environment based on our Green Procurement Guidelines.
  3. Compliance
    Daifuku will place priority on subcontracting laws and other procurement-related regulations and on information security.
  4. Information technology
    To improve the precision and efficiency of business operations, we will further promote the use of information technology.
  5. Worldwide optimal procurement
    Customers and markets are expanding globally. Daifuku shall widely pursue optimization of our business partners around the world.

Green Procurement

Daifuku believes that the manufacturing of environmentally friendly products is a mission it must achieve as a global company. Under the motto, "We will not buy, use, or sell any hazardous materials," we formulated our "Green Procurement Guidelines" in November 2005.
In April 2012, we issued the Green Procurement Guidelines



Total number of employees by region (as of the end of March 2014)


Daifuku promotes efforts to help employees improve the quality of their work and private life, ensure the safety of employees, and create a comfortable and sanitary work environment.


Safety Training Worldwide

Safety Training Worldwide

Daifuku implements training on safety management, methods, risk assessment, work safety standards, and so forth, for supervisors in construction departments at Group companies, in the same manner as the training implemented in Japan, to improve the level of safety management.

On-site Safety Patrol

On-site Safety Patrol

Safety staff in each department and partner companies, through safety cooperation associations, conduct daily safety patrols. In addition, executives conduct worksite safety patrols to ensure staff safety and gives constant guidance against unsafe behavior and unsafe conditions. For shutdown work, the Construction Safety Committee conducts safety patrols with partner companies in order to finish construction with zero worksite accidents and injuries.


Green Factory

Green Factory Award

In 2014, the Shiga Works received an award for our outstanding greening performance from Japan Greenery Research and Development Center. This award is given to the facilities that proactively promote greening and greatly contribute to improvement of living environments in the surrounding area.